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Tulips mean Spring is coming


I have a 'thing' for tulips... I have been blessed to travel to Amsterdam several times for my full time job.  Each time I go, I bring back a little souvenir to remind me of that trip.  Did you know, they have tulip bulbs that are safe to bring back to the states.  Holland is know for their tulips, so what better place to buy them from  Each spring now, I anxiously anticipate their bloom.  I bought several mixed colors so every year it is a surprise to see what is going to come out of the ground.  

So when I saw the Timeless Tulips Bundle (#153793) in the 2020 Mini Catalog, I knew I wanted to get it.  When my tulips do bloom, I will have to take some pictures and share with you and maybe even create some more projects where I try and mimic my tulip colors.  I think that would be fun. 

I posted a SAVI Sunday video on a tip with the Tulip Punch.  I hope you take a minute and watch and be sure to subscribe to my Channel. 

Thanks!  And Happy Spring!


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