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New Year's is coming!  Do you have any plans?  If you are like me, I will be spending a quiet night at home staying warm!  These single digit temperatures can go away any time now.  This morning was 3 degrees!!!  But my dad would always say, it's too cold to snow, so maybe I will keep the cold temps for a little while longer.

Well, if you do have plans and are going to a friend or relative's house, do not forget to bring a bottle of wine or bubbly to share.  From my wine class a few weeks ago, we made a cute decorative holder for wine.  I am sure a bottle of champagne will fit too. Aren't these cute and make a great presentation?

PicsArt_12-21-11.37.40[1]    PicsArt_12-21-11.40.51[1]

To make the wine bottle holder:  

Cut a piece of black card stock to 11" x 12"

On the 11" side, score at 1-3/4", 3-1/2", 5-1/4", 7", 8-3/4" and 10-1/2" (at top of paper, take a pencil and mark with a dot, the middle of each column)

Turn paper so 12" side is at top and score at 2" and 10"

Turn paper back so 11" side is at top.  You will have 2 horizontal score lines (one at top and one at bottom).  Cut up the 1-3/4", 3-1/2", 5-1/4", 7", 8-3/4" and 10-1/2" to the first score line.  This should create all the flaps that you will adhere together to make Wine Holder Bottom.

Now the top, cut just like you did above.  On each score line to the first horizontal score line you come to.  Next, cut each of those squares into a triangle.  Use the Pencil mark as your center guide. Remember only cut to the horizontal score line.

Once your triangles are created, use the 1/8" hole punch and punch a hole towards the top of each triangle.  This allows you to weave your ribbon through and tie off the neck of the bottle. 

Designer series paper strips are all 1-1/2" x 7-3/4".  You will need 6 strips. 

Embellish how you chose.  Create a tag and hang from the ribbon.  


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I made these for the girls at work and they loved them! Super easy to make!!

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