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So lots has been going on since my last post.  The saying, "when it rains, its pours" is so true.  

First off, my blog was having some issues.  Behind the scenes developer issues so I am hoping these are all fixed.  I would appreciate it if you "SUBSCRIBE" to my blog.  This way, you will receive my updates and I will know that it working.  

Next, I became a new Auntie last week!  She is such a little nugget, I love her already.  Seeing as I have a very small family and no children of my own, this is Very Exciting.  My other niece is 15 months old.  I also have a step-niece who is 11 and a step-nephew who is almost 7.  


In the mix of all the baby excitement, I lost my precious kitty, Oreo.  I had just, in my last post, put up some pictures of him and who knew that he was sick.  The baby's birth, and me babysitting while she was being born, was a good distraction of having to say goodbye to such a sweet, snuggly kitty.  I am so missing him.  Here he is all snuggled in his blanket.


So in honor of Oreo, I received a sweet "Spooky Cat" card from Linda Bauwin, my up-line.  She was congratulating me on doing my first even Facebook Live video.  It was posted in a private group so its not public to share.  I'm kind of glad it cannot be shared, I was so so nervous.  But, I need to get over those nerves as I would like to start posting videos to my Facebook Page and doing You Tube videos.  What do you think?  I have lots of great tips to share so I am hoping to start before the end of the year!

PicsArt_10-13-12.52.35[1]     PicsArt_10-13-12.54.52[1]


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Hi Lisa!

Sandy Bennett

So sorry to hear about Oreo! Such a sweet kitty. So, much congrats is in order on your first video and advancing to silver elite!! You go girl!!

Linda Z

So sorry about Oreo Lisa, he was a good boy😢 Congrats on your new baby girl and taking the blog leap-- looking forward to your creativity😍

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